Little Hussy VIP Secrets Review

There is nothing more magnetic than a woman who not only knows who she is but loves who she is. Little Hussy is the place where all women are free to love themselves – body and soul.
Little Hussy knows that it takes balance to get through life. You have to take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically – but the secret to it is that they’re all connected. When you feel good, you’re healthier. Don’t be shy – let your own Inner Hussy come out and have a good time – and start with the perfect introduction, the Little Hussy VIP Box!
Inside our VIP Box is everything you need to have a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy soul. You’re beautiful in every way, in your way. Celebrate that unique beauty with Little Hussy and our amazing VIP Box.
The VIP Box is a curated collection of cool, adventurous products for the cool, adventurous woman. It includes our most popular toy, the Chameleon Vibrator, one removable and changeable sleeve, a dose of Little Hussy Sparkle cleaner, and a referral card so your friends can join the Little Hussy family too!
Little Hussy is all about health: Healthy attitudes, healthy sex lives, and healthy bodies. That’s why the Chameleon and the removable sleeve, like all of our sensual toys, is made from 100% medial grade silicone, and is totally non-toxic. We want all of our Little Hussies to enjoy our products without a care or worry in the world.
Price: $49.99

Little Hussy offers a box of adult products for you (and your significant other if you want) delivered to your door. You can choose between 10 Gifts Boxes. Plus, they sell adult toys for women, men and couples.

The box is shipped via USPS Priority Mail and arrives quite quickly (US).

And, they also ship to Australia and Singapore and Hong Kong.

They promise discreet packaging and the return Address is “LH health Products.” so unless you know what it is because you ordered it, you won’t know what it is.

What’s inside the box?

 Chameleon Vibrator
This mini vibrator is a take-anywhere use-anytime slice of relief. Stressful days, back-to-back meetings, heavy traffic, your in-laws – whatever the stress, the Chameleon is your serenity in your pocket. (Requires 1 x AAA battery)

Turn on the toy all you have to do is press the power button once. Then press it again to change the 3 intensities and 4 pulsation modes. And, the only way turn it off if way going thru all the modes.
The vibrator isn’t waterproof and it’s pretty powerful. 

Changeable Sleeves
Why have just one vibrator when you can have two with one of these changeable sleeves designed to let you switch things up with a thought?

To put the sleeve on, you have to place it on the top of the vibrator and twist down towards the power button.
It is kind of hard to take the sleeve out, but it was designed that way. Just to avoid and prevent the accidental removable during use.

Little Hussy Sparkle
Everything’s better when it’s clean and all sparkly – our trusted cleaner will keep your VIP Box delights in perfect condition, ready to use any time.

3 Month Return Policy and 12 Month Product Guarantee

Referral Card
Little Hussy isn’t meant to be a secret. The more women who join us the stronger we are – this card comes as part of the VIP Box so you can invite friends to join the movement!
Little Hussy VIP Card
This lovely card offers you the chance to own the Little Hussy VIP Gift box valued at $49.99 absolutely FREE.
Just pay postage and handling of $14.99 and its yours FREE of charge. Why? Because we want you to tell your friends about Little Hussy!

If one of you is willing to pay postage and handling of $14.99, just let me know and I’ll send you the code!
What do you think of Little Hussy VIP Box?  If you are interested in ordering or just want to learn more click here

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