Unbound Box Review

The Unbound manisexto is simple: when it comes to the best and buzziest sex toys out there, we always kiss and tell. We’re enthusiasts of saucy adventures, good times and dirty minds. We believe in great sex and better pleasure for all women. (Oh, and equal pay too!

We know your sexuality doesn’t fit in a box but a quarterly delivery of the hot sauciest erotic goods can help you enjoy it more.

Price: $65



Unbound Box, who kindly sent me this box to review, is a female founded erotic subscription box. The box is shipped via USPS Priority Mail and arrives pretty quickly. It is very discreet, just a plain brown box. I can assure you no one will know what is inside.

What’s inside the Naked Box?
Information Card
Uberlube good-to-go travelers are perfect for your pocket, purse, luggage or gym bag. Grab one and go. Everything you like about uberlube – same amazing formula encased in a durable glass vial with a metered pump top, and now protected in an aluminum overshell. Refillable.  Just grab a refill pack and you’ll have two more uberlube cartridges for your case. Discrete. 
This is good stuff! I’s 
silicone based and is tasteless and scentless. I absolutely love the packaging!
Dial up the passion by enveloping your delicate things in DevineToys’ gossamer Lingerie Envelope.  We have designed the perfect pretty pouch in which to pack bras, panties, teddies and garters while away for a stimulating weekend, amorous vacation or even a business trip.
Constructed of 100% cotton and embellished with Swarovski grade rhinestones, each Lingerie Envelope is lovingly hand finished, so please embrace any distinctions or natural variations you may discover.
This cute little tin has 3 individually wrapped condoms. Each sealed in their special “easy-open” foil packaging.
A lovely shade of burgundy and iron with a luxurious soft shimmer! 


Lip tints are a great way to apply light color without the mess of lipstick. A rich, protective balm with healing oils and butters will keep your lips super soft. 


I love the color and that it’s moisturizing!
100% all natural cocoa butter bar. Instantly mets when touched and becomes a luscious oil that’s perfect for masturbation. Melt into the moment with butter-me, a lubricating sex butter that heightens sensations.
This is a natural lubricant made from cocoa butter. It smells and feels really good.
Palm-Sized Pleasure
 From the maker of female self-care brand “iroha” comes a new, little friend! Smaller than the palm of your hand, this delightful little toy provides portable pleasure; in the bath or in the bethroom, itt will always be by your side. Bringing intimate pleasure, closer to you.
This teeny tiny vibrator has as equally pleasing vibrations as it’s external appearance and is pretty powerful for its size.

What do you think of Unbound Box? It has a value of almost $80.00!

I think it is an awesome box, the theme is great and I all the items are good quality. They are sophisticate and stylish, I would love to get one quarterly for sure! I’m truly impressed.
Also, their customer service is on wonderful, if you’re reading this Sarah, thanks so much for being so nice and kind!!
If you are interested in ordering the Unbound Box or want to learn more about click here










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