Iroha Mini Review

Palm-Sized Pleasure
From the maker of female self-care brand “iroha” comes a new, little friend! Smaller than the palm of your hand, this delightful little toy provides portable pleasure; in the bath or in the bedroom, it will always be by your side. Bringing intimate pleasure, closer to you.
One speed
Travel friendly
Waterproof (Up to 1.5 feet/50 cm)
Runs 5 hours on a single AAA battery
One vibration speed
On and Off with one button
(To replace the battery all you have to do is twist the top part and it will click open and come apart.)
This tiny vibrator is 2.5 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide. It’s lint free and its surface is soft silicone.
This teeny tiny toy is made of ABS plastic covered in thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which are body safe. And it only takes a single AAA battery.
They come in 3 different color sets:
1. Fuji-lemon (yellow and purple)
2. Me-anzu (a lighter and a darker pink)
3. Sora-mikan (range and pale blue)
This little guy comes in a cute and little white box. In the front, theres an shaped opening where you can see the color of the vibrator and it’s name. In the back the contents and materials are written in 4 languages.
Iroha Mini looks absolutely nothing like a sex toy. It is very easy to use and hold. It fits nicely in your hand.
This teeny tiny toy is powered by one button, and one vibration speed. To turn it on you push the button, and turn it on. Push it again, and it turns off. There isn’t a travel lock, but it would by travel friendly by just removing the battery.
When I turned it on for the first time I noted the vibration feel unusually strong in my hand but I quickly realized it is so surface level that I can barely feel it when I put it on my clit. I thought it was running out of battery. I changed it for a new one and for my surprise, nothing happened.
I tried it in the bath tub as well, but It wasn’t even be able to bring me even close to orgasm. It just so weak.
That said I think this little rumbly thing may be a nice vibrator for a beginner. Or, if you aren’t a power queen, don’t need a lot of clitoral stimulation and buzzy vibrations don’t bother you, you might like this guy.



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