Hello Chess Review

Hello Chess is a compact, waterproof vibrator. It boasts a three-speed, gyrating action. Whispering quiet with a smooth, matte finish, Hello Chess comes in purple. It’s so small that it could be mistaken for a pawn in a real game of chess but with the different speed settings, it’s as powerful as a queen. Also, it is body-safe, phtalate free and non porous (therefore completely hygienic). Hello Chess comes in lavender and violet. 

2 AAA Batteries
Made from body safe materials
 Two color options: Violet and Lavender
Hello Chess requires 2 AAA batteries to function which aren included with the toyTo insert them, just unscrew the base, put the batteries in (there are indications on how to insert them) once they’re in place, screw the base back on tightly.
To turn it on, simply push the on/off push-button once. Then, push it again to go faster – and again to go faster still.
There’s one button to turn the toy on, to cycle through the patterns, and to turn it off. It’s located on the bottom of the cap and is very easy to find and press.
Hello Chess is body-safe, phthalate free and non porous. It is very smooth and has a matte finish. These are excellent materials for a sex toy because they’re easy to clean and care for without much worry. After use, you can clean the toy using soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner.
The surface picks up some lint particles, but it’s not unreasonable.
They vibrator and batteries came wrapped in white tissue paper with a Hello Cheri sticker in the front (Sorry, I don’t know what happened to the picture I took!)

That said, t
he package isn’t suitable for long term storage.
When I turned on Hello Chess for the first time I noticed nothing lights up or glows. So, you’ll have to pay attention it know on which setting you’re on and when to replace the batteries.And, if you’re concerned about privacy, keep it tucked away because it would be very difficult to pass this off as anything other than a vibrator. If you’re traveling, remove the batteries or your vibe could accidentally turn on.  
The sound level of Hello Chess is on the discreet side. Someone could easily hear it if they were in the same room with you, but wouldn’t through a closed door if you had background noise.


Externally it was like magic. 
The tip is the perfect size to work my sweet spot into an intense orgasm. The vibrations are rumbly and deep and more powerful than other luxury toys I’ve come across. But, using it internally didn’t work for me.


If you’re looking for an affordable vibrator that gets the job done, I recommend picking this one up.  It’s not perfect, but for the price, it’s well worth it!


I am pretty happy with the Hello Chess. I definitely think it is an amazing toy and well worth its price even though it has its flaws. 
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Hello Cheri is a unique lifestyle brand that aims to revolutionize intimacy. From romantic novelties to professional relationship advice, Hello Cheri is the go to destination on the Internet for building, enhancing and exploring intimate relationships at affordable price. 
What they believe in
• Sex expert Ian Kerner answers customers’ anonymous questions on hellocheri.com in the ‘Ask a Sex Question’ section. 
• Sex expert Vanessa Marin shares sex, love and relationship tips in our weekly newsletter and on the Hello Cherry Youtube Channel.
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