Fifty Shades of Grey Holy Cow! Rechargeable Wand Review

Relax your muscles and achieve full body satisfaction with the Fifty Shades of Grey Holy Cow! Rechargeable Wand Vibrator. Direct the smooth silicone head to wherever you desire and explore the 8 powerful vibration modes for a climactic release.
“He pushes the wand against me again and again, stopping just at the vital moment each time.” – Anastasia Steele
Apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant for heightened sensations and let its pulsing patterns thrill you to orgasm. Roll the firm silicone head over tired shoulders or direct it to your clitoris and other sensitive spots to take full advantage of its incredible array of 8 pleasure settings.
The perfect toy for solo play, foreplay and sensual massages.
Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.
-100% waterproof
8 intense vibration modes to explore
-Includes a luxurious satin storage bag
-Ideal for sex toy beginners and couples
-Powerful USB rechargeable silicone wand vibrator
-Firm silicone head for exquisite intimate massages
-Charge for 120 minutes for 60 minutes of powerful stimulation
Fifty Shades of Grey Holy Cow! is controlled by three simple buttons that are easy to get familiar with. The (+) and (-) buttons control the speed and intensity of the vibrations and the (o) button controls the patterns of the vibrations.
The wand has 8 different vibration modes and multiple degrees of vibration intensity. When charging the + button will flash, when it is fully charged the light will glow constantly and stay on steadily.
To turn the wand on, you have to press the plus button, to turn it off the minus button should be held down kind of hard for five seconds. The control panel will light up each time a button is pressed.
Holding down both the (+) and (-) buttons at the same time for a couple seconds will travel lock the wand, the power buttons flash 3 times to led you know it is set. To unlock, just do the same steps again and the wand will come to life and will be ready to be used again.
  • Length: 9.5 inches
  • Circumference: 4.75 inches
  • Base diameter: 2
  • Holy Cow! doesn’t contain latex and phthalates, is made from high quality silicone, has a slightly flexible head and is very smooth and soft to the touch. The surface of the wand does pick up some dust particles, but it’s not unreasonable. On the front of the wand is a shinny silver panel with the Fifty Shades logo in black, this part does collect fingerprints but can be cleaned easily.
  • This rechargeable wand is also waterproof, making the cleaning process very easy. Because of the silicone material, the wand can be used comfortably without lubricant, but if you want to use some a water-based lubricant would be the best choice.
Holy Cow! comes in the signature Fifty Shades of Grey’s glossy cardboard box with a description of the wand on the side of the box. Inside, you’ll find your toy in a black plastic tray, along with charging cable, a bright red satin storage bag with the Fifty Shades logo in black and a instruction manual translated to several languages.
*Lovehoney was kind enough to send me this Rechargeable Wand free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
Before using the wand for the first time, I charged it for about 2 hours. Once charged, I treat myself to some vibrating fun. I tried using it without any lube at first, just to get a feel of it. Surprisingly, it felt amazing and very silky. The flexible head gives it a nice touch. Making you feel like the vibrator is moving with you. 
As expected with a rechargeable toy, the vibrations are lovely and quite strong, especially on the top setting. The firmer you press it against the skin, the stronger the vibrations are. They are not as powerful as many people into serious power would like, but it did the job for me just fine. 
For the noise, the wand is reasonably quiet. It get louder on the higher settings but it sure is quieter than other wands. Also, holding Holy Cow! is comfortable, is not super heavy and doesn’t numb my hand as quickly as other wands I own. 
Fifty Shades of Grey Holy Cow! Rechargeable Wand is stylish and can be used anytime and anywhere since it is cordless. It is great for solo play, but can also be used by couples to tease each other and foreplay. This wand surely won’t work for power queens or anyone that needs intense vibrations. Then again, it is stated in the description that the wand is ideal for sex toy beginners. I would also recommend it to anyone who likes gentle to mid level vibrations. 
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