We-Vibe Tango Review

The most powerful mini-vibe.
Small yet mighty, Tango delivers deep, rumbling vibrations right where you want them.
Take powerful pleasure anywhere
Petite, powerful and pocket-size. Tango is designed for precise external stimulation. The tapered tip delivers intense vibrations with pinpoint focus, while the flat edge is perfect for all-over massage. It’s rechargeable, body-safe and 100% waterproof. With 8 vibration modes to choose from, Tango is perfect on its own or to add vibrations to your favorite pleasure product.
  • Powerful, quiet vibrations
  • 100% waterproof
  • 90-minute recharge
  • 8 vibration modes
  • Low-power alert indicator
  • 1-button pleasure control
  • Body-safe – PC ABS thermoplastic – free from phthalates, latex and BPA
  • Eco-friendly – carbon-neutral, rechargeable battery and recyclable packaging
  • Up to 2 hours of play on a single charge
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy soap-and-water cleanup
  • Use only with water-based lubricants – see we-vibe.com/lubes
  • External use only
Tango is powered by a single button on its base that it requires firm but not strong pressure to use it. To turn the vibrator on, just press the button and it will start out at the lowest setting and an orange light inside the base of the toy will light up. To turn the toy off, simply press and hold the button for a couple seconds.

Tango has memory function so, if you turned it off on the Medium setting, then it will start on that same setting the next time you turn it on.  
The vibrator itself is pretty quiet, it gets a little buzzy and louder as you go up on the higher settings but it is still more quiet that most bullet vibes.

The vibrator has 8 different vibration modes, 4 speed settings and 4 patterns. Starting with a fairly gentle rumble.

We-Vibe Tango is rechargeable and features a magnetic charging system that has been redesigned since the previous model. The USB charger has two metal bumps on the bottom that magnetically attach to the head of the vibrator and provide a secure connectionWhen you connect the toy to the charger, a little orange light will illuminate and it will shut off when the vibrator is fully charged. (It takes 90 minutes for a full charge and that should give you 2 hours of play time depending on the setting you use.)


Tango is a little thing. At just over 3.5 inches long and 2.5 in circumference, it is about the size of a lipstick, which is great for taking it to places with you.

This rechargeable vibrator is also waterproof, making the cleaning process very easy and won’t harbor any harmful bacteria in its surfaceA little antibacterial soap and water will do just fine.

Because its body is made from ABS plastic, it will play well with any kind of lube but, the Tango can be used comfortably without lubricant.


We-Vibe Tango comes in a stylish white and hot pink box that features an image of the product on the front and information about it on the back. Inside the box you will find the Tango, charger, instructions translated to several languages and a white satin storage pouch. Because  the toy comes with a pouch and an instruction booklet is included, it’s not necessary to keep the box.
Best vibrator ever. Its power is extraordinary for something so small. The Tango is shaped like a very large lipstick, is completely waterproof and doesn’t disappoint in the slightest.

In my opinion, it is big enough to hold comfortably and control it. Also, it can fit easily between two people.

Tango’s vibrations are simply stunning and the  tapered tip is amazing if you like pinpoint pressure. However, it is not quite as hand numbing as you might expect. It can get a bit uncomfortable over time, but nothing crazy.

Another great thing about We-Vibe Tango is that you can also use it inside any dildo that takes a small bullet vibe and turn it into a vibrator.

I really have a r hard time saying something negative about this toy, the only thing I can thing of it the way it charges. If by accident the toy slightly moves, the magnet connected to the charging dock will disconnect and the charge will stop. It is annoying and the only thing that does not make Tango perfect.
Besides that, Tango pretty much rocks my world. It is my go-to vibrator followed by the Salsa and to me it is totally worth the price tag.

*We-Vibe was kind enough to send me Tango free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Tango is absolutely one of the best toys I own and my newest best friend. It is an essential item for your toy box if you like power and strong and rumbly vibrations.
However, if your clitoris is very sensitive or you like more subtle stimulation, Tango will probably be a bit intense for you. 

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