Pin Up Jayne Bombshell Orgasm Balm (Watermelon) Review

Take your orgasms up a level with the Pin Ups Jayne Bombshell Orgasm Balm. The juicy watermelon flavour makes foreplay and sex even more delicious. Simply massage onto your clitoris and nipples for orgasmic sensations.
Infused with essential oils, this kissable orgasm balm comes discreetly concealed in a travel-friendly, pin-up style tin. Simply slick a small amount of balm onto your finger and rub onto your nipple and clitoris to enjoy heightened sensitivity and enhanced stimulation, bringing you to orgasm even quicker than usual.
Encourage your lover to lick the delicious watermelon balm from your hot spots to titillate you even more.

  • Orgasm balm to heighten and intensify intimate stimulation
  • Juicy watermelon flavor for delicious licks
  • Petite, travel-friendly 7g tin with cute retro design
  • Enriched with essential oils
  • Perfect for use during masturbation, foreplay and sex

  • This little 7g tin came sealed for protection in discreet packaging along with another item I was sent. On the outside it looks like a small container of lip balm, so it doesn’t give anything away. It is so discreet you could easily carry it in your bag/purse or keep it with your makeup!

    The size of the tin is small but it really doesn’t need to be bigger since only a small amount of the product is needed. 

    There are 4 flavors to choose from: mint, cherry, chocolate and watermelon. They all come in tins with a vintage retro design.
    Being completely honest I really didn’t expect much from this orgasm balm, but it proved my wrong. 

    The texture is nice to the touch, light and smooth. It smells wonderful and is not sticky at all. Plus, it works wonderfully for solo play or with a partner for added pleasure.

    When tried it as soon as it arrived by simply applying a very small amount of balm over my nipples and clit. I just swirled my finger in the pot and let the product melt a little. After applying, I noticed a nice tingling feeling only a couple of minutes later. The feeling similar to a minty balm lip balm, but much more stronger! The sensation is cooling and does maximize the experience a lot. It is lovely.

    I could still feel the tingling of the balm even after I finished. However, it is not over powering, doesn’t leave you over sensitive or last for way too long.

    The only downside to this balm is that it is not condom safe, but I’m sure most people would only use it for foreplay.
    This orgasm balm definitely will get you in the mood and will help make your orgasms a little more intense. It is a must-try in my opinion.

    I really would recommend it to anyone, specially to people that have difficulties having an orgasm. 

    I will for sure be buying one when this one runs out! If you are looking for a great, affordable orgasm balm that does the job, this is a fantastic choice. Go check it out and the other flavors available on Lovehoney’s website.

    *Lovehoney provided this Pin Up Jayne Bombshell Orgasm Balm in exchange for an unbiased review.

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