Review: UltraZone Infinite 6X

 Body Safe
6 functions
The UltraZone Infinite 6X features 6 functions of vibrations and pulsations which are all available in multiple speeds. You can control both the speed and power of the vibrations within each setting.
To turn it on and off, press and hold the center button for a couple seconds. To increase or decrease the speed of vibrations, use the + and – buttons. And, to scroll through the different functions, press center button.

The UltraZone Infinite 6X is USB rechargeable and the charging cable connects magnetically to the metal on the handle at the very end of the vibrator. An adapter is not included so if you don’t want to charge it from your computer, you’ll have to get one yourself. The first time, it takes about 2 hours to charge, that gives you about an hour and a half of play depending on the setting used.

The UltraZone Infinite 6X has an insertable length of 4.3 inches and a girth of 1.3 inches. It’s silky to the touch and is available in four different colors on TopcoToyz. It’s a little bendable and has indentations on the sides, so it isn’t completely smooth.
The vibrator is made from phthalate free and nonporous silicone, and does have some plastic pieces on it. The silicone thankfully doesn’t attract or pick dust, hair and lint that come in contact with it.
To clean it, use an anti-bacterial soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner. You can also sterilize it using a 10% bleach solution.
Always make sure it’s thoroughly dry before storage, use either in the box it came or the silky bag included wit it.
Infinite 6X arrives in a white cardboard box with images of the product all around. It features a magnetic flap on the front  that opens up to reveal the toy nestling inside a white plastic tray along a storage pouch and the charging cordThe back displays some of the key features of the toyinformation on what the package contains and the 2 year warranty.


When I first turned on the vibe I was impressed immediately with the power. Having never used anything from this line before, I wasn’t sure I would enjoy the vibrations or not. 

was also surprised to find that the shaft was flexible, that way the pressure against my G-spot wouldn’t be too much. The sightly curved shaft effortlessly located my G-spot with a little bit of water based lube and lined up with my anatomy better than I expected.
 The first time I used it, I used the larger end on my clit and had a very powerful orgasm. When I inserted it, I noticed the vibrations traveled really well throughout the whole toy. To be honest, I’m not a fan of patterns so I didn’t really use them that much. I tried a couple of them and was able to orgasm just fine even though it took me quite some time. I must add I was on using it on high and it still had power left when I was done using it.

The noise associated with the vibrations is very reasonable. It’s actually a lot more silent than I thought it would be. The control buttons can be hard to reach when you are using the toy penetratively and I swear at them regularly. They are just really hard to pressClitorally however, the UltraZone Infinite 6X is awesome and the buttons are much easier to operate.
The UltraZone Infinite 6X is powerful, body safe, and worked pretty well with my anatomy. I must say it would be much easier to use if it had a loop at the end and the buttons weren’t so hard. But it’s overall a great and versatile vibrator, stimulating enough that it’s worth checking out.

*TopcoToyz provided me this product in exchange for an unbiased review.

5 thoughts on “Review: UltraZone Infinite 6X

  1. My Bedroom Spice says:

    Was the flexibility sustainable when in use? Sometimes I find that changing the shape really only stays for a minute and goes back to straight when it’s inserted. Glad to know the G-spot location is easily reached with this though – great review, thanks!


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