Review: Tantus Uncut #2

The Uncut #2 is an incredibly realistic uncircumcised dildo. Part of Tantus’ Dual Density O2 line, the Uncut features a Super SoftTM outer layer and a firm inner core for a little give and a lot of get. 

Together with detailed skin texture, pores, veins, and wrinkles, the Uncut looks and feels remarkably real. It’s all about that foreskin!
Anal Safe
Harness Compatible
Dishwasher Safe/Boilable
100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
Diameter: 1.6″
Insertable Length: 6.4″
Finish: Matte

Uncut #2 has an average girth overall. It’s not too wide or thick, and I don’t have a hard time trying to grip it. The head is large and tapers down the shaft. There is quite a lot of detail on it too. It has lots of wrinkles, veins and slight creases. The surface has an overall skin like texture. 

Uncut #2 is dual-density, which means it has a harder core with a squishy outer layer. The head is mostly squish but at the same time still firm enough. The shaft on the other hand, is quite a bit firmer with some flexibility.

The base of the Uncut #2 makes it anal safe and harness compatible. It also makes it easy to hold. It’s not too wide or thick, and I don’t have a hard time trying to grip it. The extra couple inches of the shaft also give me something extra to hold on to.

*Because of the highly textured nature of this toy, it is highly recommended to boil it or use the dishwasher to make sure surface is completely cleaned.


Uncut #2 comes beautifully packaged in the usual Tantus’ white box with 3 clear openings around it to show the toy. It kind of looks like it is suspended. In the back of the box, there’s information about the company and the products they carry. When you open the top of the box, you pull out a plastic tray that surrounds the toy to hold it in place.

Foreskins don’t get much representation in the sex toy world and in my opinion, here is a need for dildos with foreskins and all types. Of course, leave it to Tantus to go and make some to represent them. Even though I haven’t had uncut partners in the past, I really enjoy the unique of this dildo. Yay for diversity!


I really like how highly detailed, realistic, and unique Uncut #2 is. And how it feels very real to the touch too. This particular color is Mocha. It’s the darkest color, a standard tan and beautiful dark brown shade.

The length of Uncut #2 is actually quite too long for me. I can’t fit but 
I can definitely reach deeper spots inside me that feel good thanks to the upward curve it has for G-spot stimulation. The textured shaft has also a lot to do about how stimulating it is because I can clearly feel its fine bumps and ridges. So, if you aren’t a fan of texture, make sure to add lubricant to make it extra slippery.

Uncut #2 features an uncut foreskin, which is awesome and rare in this industry. It is stimulating, but is not overwhelming, comfortable and easy to use. It seems can’t stop touching and squeezing it!


If uncut dildos are your thing, but you love dual-density, there a more dildos to keep your eye out for.  Head on over to Tantus and check them out.


*Uncut #2 was kindly sent to me free of charge from Tantus for an honest review.


12 thoughts on “Review: Tantus Uncut #2

  1. My Bedroom Spice says:

    I’ve seen other reviews of this but the colour was always something obscene like purple and it was hard to picture it as a the super-realistic dildo they want it to be, so I’m glad you got the brown one. I love the look of it more. Great review 🙂


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