Review: L’amourose Vera

Proof that big things do come in small packages, VERA is a compact personal massager with remarkable power and motion versatility. Its soft, comfortable exterior, waterproof form and intuitive design make this a perfect piece for beginners and those on the go.
vibrating modes
12 vibration speeds
18 month guarantee
Available in 3 different colors
The Vera features 12 vibration speeds, which control the power of the vibrations within each mode, and 5 modes, including 4 patterns and a constant speed setting.

The vibrations are controlled by the 3 buttons found on one side of the vibrator. It features a central button which cycles repeatedly through the patterns and a plus (+) and minus (-) sign at either end to scroll up and down through the speed settings.

 does not have a memory function and so it will always begin on setting 1 at the lowest speed. To turn the toy on, press the plus button for a couple seconds and the vibrations will begin on the first setting. When you’re ready to turn off the toy, you have to press and hold down the minus button until the vibrations cease. 
Vera comes with some residual charge, enough to turn it on and feel it. but I would definitely recommend giving it a full charge (which takes approx. 90 minutes) before using it. That will give you around 3 hours of play time depending on the setting used.
To charge it, simply plug the charging dock into a wall socket or a computer and then place the Vera, jewel side down, onto the docking station. Nice and easy! Make sure the two metal dots on the vibrator align with the two metal pins on the charging dock, if it’s positioned right a pale blue light will flash repeatedly.
Vera measures just 3.5 inches in length and 2 inches wide, it’s fairly small, but not so small that it’s uncomfortable to hold. Its size and shape is perfect for fitting in your palm. Vera is only coated in silicone just like Lelo toys. Its top is created from ABS plastic and its underside is coated in an FDA approved body safe silicone. So, it’s a pretty rigid vibrator. The silicone is not squishy but it feels silky soft to the touch. 

The Vera is completely waterproof, so clean up is a breeze! Simple use an anti-bacterial soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner, then dry and storage it in either in the box it came or the provided velvet bag/pouch. To avoid damaging the silicone, you should only use water based lubricants. But always make sure you pay particular attention to the line where the silicone and plastic meet when cleaning it.


Vera is packaged beautifully. It arrives in this sleek matte black box featuring a picture of the toy and the logo of the company in gold, as well as information about it on the sides.
Inside, you’ll find a solid black box with an elasticated ribbon around it. When you open it, you’ll find Vera sitting on it’s charging base and the warranty card, storage bag, manual and plug on the other side. It is all packaged very carefully inside, with attention to little details. It’s not very functional once you’ve opened it, but it’s so fancy and luxurious.

The build and the material quality of Vera impressed me as soon as I saw it. The powerful and rumbling motor is pretty impressive too for such a petite vibrator. I was also pleased on how quiet it is even on its highest speeds. No one will hear it at all through a closed door. On the highest speed, Vera’s vibrations are deep, rumbling and powerful. On the lowest one, it’s gentle and makes a rumbling purr.
I found that it takes me longer to orgasm with Vera due to its lack of in-point tip. I simply wasn’t able to apply the vibrations to a specific area on my clitoris and that was very frustrating. When I changed my habits slightly, accepted its less focused type of stimulation and applied more pressure the Vera managed to make me orgasm slowly but surely.

I believe if it had a pin-point tip, everything would have been different an I would have enjoyed it a lot more. If L’amourose ever makes a product similar to it, I will be getting it for sure.

Vera’s rumbling vibrations felt good but it’s broad shape had me working for an orgasm. We definitely have a love-hate relationship.
If you’re a power seeker or like/need pin-point stimulation like me I wouldn’t recommend the Vera. However, if you prefer a broader touch, Vera will be just perfect for your tastes.

*Vera was kindly sent to me free of charge from L’amourose for an honest review.

One thought on “Review: L’amourose Vera

  1. My Bedroom Spice says:

    Definitely looks like an intriguing shape and certainly relaxing and comfortable…. buttttt I agree. These kind of vibes at least need the option of having a concentrated point if the average woman wants an easy orgasm.


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