Review: PicoBong IPO 2


IPO™ 2 boasts twice the strength of its predecessor and is comfortably slipped over your index or middle finger. With IPO™ 2 in place, powerful vibrations are at your fingertips for intense external stimulation. Just let your fingers do the walking and pleasure is sure to follow!

Body Safe
1 AAA battery
1 year waranty
12 vibration modes
 Stretchy silicone ring

IPO 2 arrives in a black cardboard which has a clear panel that shows the toy. It also features the name of the toy and logo of the company in white, as well as information about it on the sides and back. Inside, you’ll find the toy and manual.

IPO 2 features 12 vibration modes, which are controlled by 2 separate buttons hidden in the PicoBong logo on the side of the sex toy for easy operation. The P has a – sign in it, and the B has a + sign.
To turn it on, press the + sign and the vibrations will start off as whisper quiet. Hold the + sign down and the vibrations will steadily increase. Even at the highest steady speed, the noise level can’t be heard through a door.

Once you have reached its maximum steady speed, hold the + button again for a few seconds and it will switch to the pattern modes. To turn it off, simply hold down the discreet – button.



I’ve got to say that even though I’m not fond of patterns, the variety of vibration modes available is amazing. There is something for everybody, whether you prefer waves, pulses or steady vibrations. Another great thing is that each mode can be changed in intensity or vibration power by using the + and – buttons.


PicoBong IPO 2 is around three inches long and about the size of a regular bullet. It runs on one AAA battery and its made from a firm and very fine silicone that feels silky and smooth to the touch. The cap of this little toy is made of smooth ABS plastic screws off so the single battery can be inserted.


At the very end is the finger loop made of a flexible silicone which sticks out a couple of inches. It is flexible but not very stretchy. It is supposed to fit snugly so you don’t have issues with it slipping off of your fingers. However, even though it does fit my index finger, it has to be pushed on and it isn’t very comfortable to wear because of the tightness. I do have large and chubby fingers so I was expecting that would happen.

Being fully waterproof, not only is IPO 2 easy to clean and care for, but it is also great for those who like to use toys in the bath and shower. Use your favorite toy cleaner, wipes, or a washcloth and hot water. But always pay close attention to the indented letters, lubricant can get trapped in there.
IMG_6521The new motor of the Power Up series is a totally new experience. It is impressive how powerful it is with just 1 AAA battery! The vibrations are deep and rumbly and I was able to reach and enjoy climax easily. 

The pin-point sensation I was able to receive from the tip of the toy was amazing, but I also liked that I could use the shaft if I wanted more coverage. I found myself grinding it against me, jerking it back and forth, and loving every second of it.


Since the controls are on one side you can easily hit the plus and minus sings to change vibrations; I found it can be a bit difficult if the toy is slick when lubricant is involved, but you usually can press them without too much of an issue. Simply wipe your fingers down before using it.
IPO 2 does a fantastic job attaching itself really firmly to your fingers, making it feel like it’s an extension of your finger. It doesn’t feel flimsy or like it might fall off, but it can be a little uncomfortable if you have large fingers like me. I can only hope it stretches a bit more with use.
I’m also pleasantly surprised by how quiet IPO 2 is. I still live with my parents, so discreetness is key. So, if you live with nosy roommates and family, this is definitely a great option. However, I discovered it gets noisier when you actually use slip it in your finger, yes really! I’m not sure if it happens because of my chubby fingers, but it does indeed make a lot more of noise.

This inexpensive clitoral vibe did the trick for me, and did it well!
Overall, I can see why a lot of people would be drawn to this little vibrator. It’s compact, affordable and discreet. It’s size might fool you, but has a lot of power. And while it isn’t the strongest vibe I’ve experienced to date, I recommend picking it up. It surely has more ‘oomph’ than a lot of cheap vibrators provide.
*IPO 2 was kindly sent to me free of charge from LELO for an honest review.


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