Review: Womanizer Pro W500


A review-raving runaway success, the Womanizer W100 has left this successor with some huge shoes to fill, but by gum it’s done it. Boasting a wider spectrum of speeds and improved ergonomics, the W500 is poised to build on its predecessor’s fine work.
More than a vibrator, its gentle suction really elevates sensation, drawing delicate spots in to provide insistent stimulation that’s then exacerbated by 8 speed vibrations. Cup your pearl with the hollow silicone tip to experience the unbelievable engulfment of this delicious external toy.
Improvements on the W100 include a gentler intensity as well as a more powerful top speed, a replacement head included, better button placement and a body shaped to nestle in your palm. The distinctive Swarovski crystal button has lived to see another day, as has its proud pizzazzmataz styling.
Run a spot of water-based lubricant around the rim of the silicone tip before use to help create a luscious suction-aiding seal.

Body Safe

Storage bag
Replacement head
8 speeds of intensity

The Womanizer Pro W500 arrives in a stylish and sturdy box covered in the same pattern and color of the toy. It features images of it on the sides and top, as well as the logo of the company in white and has a little of information about it. Inside, you’ll find the toy resting on a white tray, and under that is the USB-cable and adapter, head attachment, manual and storage bag with Womanizer’s logo.


The Womanizer Pro W500 is fairly simple to operate since it only has three buttons. One turns the toy on and off (the round Swarovski crystal button), the other two are the + and – buttons, which sifts through the settings and manipulate the intensity. To turn the toy on, press and hold the on/off button, then press the + and – buttons to control the intensity levels.

IMG_7212When it’s on, it is very obvious because the silicone tip glows bright red. Why? I’m not entirely sure, it’s not really necessary in my opinion. At first I even was in doubt because I thought it wasn’t fully charged. The toy also creates an unusual noise as soon as it’s on, it isn’t especially loud on its lowest setting but gets louder when it’s on the highest. I personally don’t really think it’s all that loud though, once it’s in place the noise does diminish considerably.

The Womanizer Pro W500 is rechargeable, with 120 minutes (2 hours) of charge you’ll have up to 240 minutes (4 hours) worth of play time. To charge it,  pull up the rubber cap at the end, push the charger into the exposed charging port and plug into a wall charger (included) or to a computer. During its charge a light will blink letting you know its in progress, then the light will be consistent once the charge is complete. The cap is very easy to remove and the charge cable is easy to insert.


  • Length: 5 inches
  • Circumference: 2.5 inches

  • Because of its short length and ergonomic shape, the Womanizer Pro W500 is very comfortable to hold during use and the buttons are positioned just right for easy access. It is very sleek and is available is a couple colors.

    The Womanizer is completely body safe, its body is made of ABS plastic and has detachable tip made of soft silicone (with a spare and sightly bigger one included). Have in mind there’ll be a point where you will need more silicone heads.

    Sadly, it isn’t waterproof so cleaning it can be a bit trick. The main body must be wiped down carefully with a damp cloth and soap (or some toy cleaner and a wipe) and the silicone head can be removed and thoroughly cleaned. 

I had been wanting to get my hands on the Womanizer for so so long and when they gave me the chance if getting one to review I simply couldn’t contain myself!
So, to use the Womanizer Pro W500 all you have to do is turn it on and place it on your clitoris. The manual advises to not move it once it is in place.  At first, I placed it against my palm to feel how the “suction” felt like and I didn’t really feel much. However, it was another story against my clit.
the first time I used the Womanizer I put a little water-based around the tip so it would slide smoothly while getting the toy in place like recommended and I had an orgasm in a matter of seconds. And since then I have been always reaching climax in just a couple of minutes. Sometimes I’ve had multiple orgasms during one session since it isn’t as numbing as traditional vibrating toys.

I truly can’t describe how the Womanizer 
Pro W500 feels. It doesn’t exactly feel like sucking or traditional vibrating, it’s something in between. But whatever it is, it feels completely divine to me! I absolutely love how intense it is on the higher settings and how different it is from other toys. And yes, I hate the name just as much as most people do.. It just seems like a terrible choice.

The Womanizer Pro W500 uses a unique mixture of suction with just a little vibration to stimulate the clit. It’s fairly quiet when used properly and I love how easily it makes me come. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes sucking sensations, direct clitoral and non-conventional stimulation. As well as people who don’t really like vibrators or are looking different kinds of sensations.


*Womanizer Pro W500 was kindly sent to me free of charge from Womanizer 
for an honest review.


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