Review: iroha Sakura

Explore new levels of orgasmic pleasure with the Sakura vibrator from TENGA‘s iroha collection. Made from supple silicone, with a cherry blossom shaped tip to envelop your clitoris with 4 quiet-yet-powerful vibrations.
Sakura – named after Hinazakura, a Japanese flower – is a delicate pink palmful of sensual pleasure. Its dainty cherry blossom curves conceal its salacious intentions – cradle its tulip shape and experiment with its 3 different speeds and 1 pulsing pattern for clitoral stimulation and shallow insertion.
Control Sakura’s 4 pleasing functions using the 2 buttons located on the base. Begin by pressing + to move through the speeds and patterns, holding down – to decrease the settings and turn the intuitive toy off. When playtime’s over, Sakura comes complete with a storage case that handily doubles as a magnetic charging dock.
Use a generous helping of good-quality water-based lube to enjoy this vibrator at its best.
90 minutes of play
Whisper-quiet motor
Soft, squeezable silicone
Features 3 speeds and 1 pulse pattern
Magnetic charging dock with case and USB charging cable
iroha Sakura by TENGA, features one pattern setting (pulse) and three steady vibration settings (low, medium, and high)
To turn the toy on, simply press and hold down the plus button until you feel the toy start vibrating. After it’s on, each press of the plus button will take you to the next setting, which will keep cycling as you press it. The minus button goes in the opposite direction and if you press and hold it, the toy will turn off.
The Sakura is rechargeable and comes with a complete charging set up. It features a flat base and a USB cord that plugs into it.  It also comes with a wall adapter so you can charge it using a regular outlet or a computer.
When charging, properly plugged in and connected to the charging base, a small light will glow from the charging base to let you know it’s charging. And, once complete (it takes approximately 120 minutes), the light will turn off and you’ll have 90 minutes of play.
iroha Sakura by TENGA has a diameter of 2.25 and feels spongy to the touch. It is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced from a sex toy and reminds me of marshmallows and mochi ice cream. Its surface is incredibly silky smooth feeling, and glides fairly easily across the skin (I didn’t even need to use lubricant. But in case you’re wondering, this material is compatible with water-based lubricant only and a little goes a long way).
The material also repels dust and lint, which makes it so much easier to handle and use. However the toy it’s only splash-proof, being waterproof would have made the cleaning job so much easier and the toy more versatile to use.
The Sakura features a special plushy tip that can be squeezed and moved to perfectly fit your clit. The indent is just under a half inch deep, and was designed to rest on either side of your clit.
The toy fits easily in your hand and would be a nice travel vibe because of it’s compact size, but sadly it doesn’t have a locking feature.
Classy and simple, Sakura‘s packaging features a sleeve that shows an image of the toy on the front, and information about the product on the back.  Inside the sleeve are two cute boxes, one pink and one white.  In the white one you’ll find the user manual and charging cord, and the pink box contains the vibrator inside the plastic charger/storage case.


iroha Sakura by TENGA is one of the cutest vibrators I have ever seen. I really enjoy its texture and how soft and squishy it is. Like I said, it reminds me of loved mochi ice cream.

The vibrations however, are not my favorite. They’re focused in just a region of the toy and don’t get more diffuse the further away from the core one is. 
They feel like they’re powerful in my hand when holding the toy, but then I completely change my mind when I put it against myself. I have to grind it into my clit to achieve any result. And, I confess I always have to use it on the fastest speed. I also have to add that Sakura isn’t the loudest of vibrators when it’s on the first two settings, but the third and most powerful is just ridiculously noisy.
The plushy tip indentation even though I think should be a bit more pronounced, feels nice when I used it to hug my clit. I tried it on my nipples too, but it didn’t do much. 
iroha Sakura needs some improvements but overall I think it’s a unique and pleasurable body safe toy. It’s not quite powerful enough for me, but it might work for you. Thanks to its soft shell, I believe it could be excellent for couples play too. Its pinpoint tips do a great job transmitting buzzy vibrations successfully and is a nice addition to my toybox.
If you’re interested in this toy, or want to check out the other two in the line, visit their official page and learn more about the concept behind them.
*TENGA provided me this product in exchange for an unbiased review.

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