Review: Vibease

Vibease, a comfortable, wearable vibrator. We allow women to slip it inside their undergarment whenever they want. The tip is specially designed to make it easy for women to locate the sweet spot while ensuring the vibrator remains steadily in place.
Vibease allows your partner to send custom vibrations from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if your partner is in the office or in another country, you can still have your intimate moments.
The long-distance relationship you always wanted! Distance doesn’t matter.
  • Quiet
  • Body Safe
  • Water Resistant
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Customizable Pulsations
  • Wearable, Fits in any Panties
  • iPhone and Android Compatible
  • Vibrate in sync with Erotica books
Vibease features customizable pulsations and it can be controlled by pushing the buttons on the vibrator or an app. The first button turns the toy on and off, and the second allows you choose between five different vibration modes. But, since it’s wearable you probably won’t use the buttons to control it and instead control it by the app or get someone else to do so for you.
Vibease is USB Rechargeable. It can be plugged into your computer or you can use an adapter to plug it into a regular outlet. To charge it, you have to plug the cord into the tiny hole in the bottom of the vibrator. As usual when connected and charging, a light will glow.
The Vibease is compatible with iPhones and Android. The Chat app is free, and can be downloaded easily to your phone. You and your partner do not have to have the same type of phone to connect to each other, it will work as long as you and your partner have internet connection.
Once you download it, you have to create an account and you can set a security pin and even choose to a request code in your privacy settings so you don’t have to worry about strangers.
Then, there’s a simple step by step instructions to connect your phone to Vibease. You have to connect your partners phone to the toy too before use, which I think is not so great for real long distance couples who don’t get to see each other much or hardly ever. Also, that process took me way more time than I wanted to. 
The app has 11 different pulses, but you can create custom vibrations. It also features free and paid audios and erotic novels.
Vibease measures 3.1 inches in length and 1.5″ in width. It’s made of a waterproof and easy to clean silicone that feels heavenly to the touch.

Like Panty Play by Tantus, this toy is meant for external positioning and provides stimulation to the clitoris. You might be aware of it at first if you’re not 
used to wearing things like it but as time passes, you’ll forget it is there.
This vibrator comes in a colorful and strong box with a thin white sleeve over it featuring the name and logo of the product; and information about it on the back. Inside, you’ll find the charger, user manual and of course, the toy resting a in black foam that’s cut perfectly to cradle the toy and prevent it from moving inside the box.

Vibease is sightly curved and it’s tip was specially designed to rest and put pressure on your clit. It’s very comfortable to wear and remains steadily in place if you wear tight panties.

However, it isn’t as silent as they advertise it. Sure, it is quiet but you can still hear it. Specially on the stronger vibration settings.


When using it, I first tested out the vibrations that were already on the phone/app, but they didn’t really do anything for me. I don’t think many women find nature sounds or fake moans as a turn on. I then downloaded some erotic stories but then again nothing really happened. Maybe it’s just not my thing because I actually enjoyed it a lot more without the app. 
Controlled vibrators are one of the best things to happen for couples in a long distance relationship, but like I said not many couples get to see each other as much and connecting both phones to the toy could take a while. And even though Vibease or the chat app aren’t completely perfect, I think it is a nice little toy to have. More so if you’re also into using and wearing toys in public.


6 thoughts on “Review: Vibease

  1. My Tickle Trunk (@MyTickleTrunk) says:

    I have one of these too! I got it because it kind of looked like my long-dead Lelo Lily and made it worth the investment. Unfortunately I switched from Android to iPhone so now it’s kind of lost its smart capability but it’s still a good vibe on its own. Just wish they didn’t make two different models.


    • Vibease Team says:

      @MYTICKLETRUNK, thanks for supporting Vibease. Please send us a dm at @vibease, we are more than happy to give you a discount for our new universal version of Vibease (works for both iPhone and Android). 🙂


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